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For centuries, pilgrimage trails have crossed our area with Mariazell, the famous place of pilgrimage, as their goal.

The Mariazellerweg 706 A leads through the municipalities of Mitterdorf and Veitsch (St. Barbara im Mürztal). The alternative route - 706 B - leads via Alpl and Krieglach on to the area of Veitsch to Mariazell.

Thus many places of interest have been established that help the interested guests to appreciate the subject 'pilgrimage':
the Gölk chapel in Krieglach, the worldwide highest walk-in pilgrims' cross in Veitsch, WEGArt-objects, the Pilgrims' Mile in Mitterdorf (St. Barbara im Mürztal) and the Pilgrims' Park..., but please discover them yourselves and soak up the peace and magic of these places!

(c)Herbert Podbressnik
(c)Herbert Podbressnik
(c)Manfred Polansky
(c)Jakob Hiller