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Waldheimat-Steirischer Semmering

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8680 Mürzzuschlag
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Mitterdorf is situated at the pilgrimage trail 706 A to Mariazell. It offers its guests and the pilgrims an intesified experience of 'pilgrimage'. This is where pilgrims and hikers meet art and nature.

Do not miss the Pilgrims' Mile in the centre, the Pilgrims' Path with a visit to Teichhütte, the Pilgrims' Park at the Castle Pichl and the Stations of the Cross.

Austria's largest climbing hall was established in Mitterdorf in 2012: the Climbers' Academy. It is the destination for climbing enthusiasts and the location of many contests. Another attraction is the adventure pool resort with seperate children's pool.

Mitterdorf is also the centre of the Elder Valley, an association of businesses specialised in the culinary use of elder.