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Folk tradition

The people living in the region Semmering-Waldheimat-Veitsch are deeply rooted in their tradition and folklore.

There are many dishes typical for the region, festivities and customs; characters who will reappear at various festivities and events: e.g. the Rotsohler in Veitsch, a devil with tradition, who appears every year on the 5th of dezember; the traditional Christtagsfreude (Christmas joy) hike from Alpl to St. Kathrein, and the Schulprüfungswanderung (school exam) hike from the Waldschule in Alpl to Krieglach: following Peter Rosegger's stories.

There is the traditional carnival dish - Massinger Fleischkrapfen, a kind of meat doughnuts - in Krieglach; the unique Grand Prix Nostalski in Mürzzuschlag, a special ski race; the customs in connection with Easter like the Easter bonfire, the carrying of the blessed fire, the manufacturing of rattles, the blessing of meat in the chapels and churches of the region, and many more.

(c)Herbert Podbressnik
(c)Manfred Polansky
(c)Herbert Podbressnik
(c)Josef Polansky